About Me

I created this website to extend a hand to all people who are feeling unmotivated, depressed, filled with anxiety, or just need a simple pick-me-up. #WeGotThis


PORT PICWhat is my purpose in life?  I asked myself that question a lot; and I was always at a loss for words.  I moved from project to project never finishing anything because something didn’t go as planned or it just didn’t feel right; I became uninspired, unmotivated, and less confident.  Do you ever feel boxed in at work, school, or home and feel like you can’t escape because you have no idea where to start, what your purpose is, or who to talk to?  That’s how I was feeling.

I’ll be the first to admit I lost myself for a while because of my lack of motivation and confidence.  I was in and out of depression, I developed anxiety issues, my temper was horrific, I held secrets in my heart and soul that would eventually send me to my breaking point.  But with God, family, friends and my best friend (my love) Darius; I got through a lot of my trying times.  I’ve learned a lot about myself but the one thing that took me a while to learn is that I’m not alone.  That a lot of people go through what I’ve been through and more.  I’ve learned that that you (my readers) might need a hand or a little push to get you started, motivated, and feeling good about yourself.  It took a while for me to realize that I was not in the right head space to ask the question What is my purpose in life?’.   I had to get my mind, body, and spirit right, in order to get a clear answer.  I eventually got to a point where I could ask that question again to God and myself and I got a clear answer.  I’m here to push, support, and share with you what I learned along my journey. To possibly get you into your right head space so you can ask that question and actually put forth an effort and stick with it.  I’m here to help you stay motivated and focused.  I’m here to help you love life, be healthy, happy and to feel beautiful.

If you need some inspiration, motivation, tips & tricks on how to calm you down or even learn how to stay confident.  I got you!  I’m not perfect and I don’t have life all figured out; I still have a slight temper and my fuse stay lit.  Lol.  But I’m here for you and we’ll work on this together. #WeGotThis

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