How to Stop Procrastinating

Hello, my name is Alyssa Naomi and I procrastinate for a living.  I have no intentions to stop because I made it my life’s work to proving that this shit is hereditary.  However, I did come up with some tips to help us not to delay things too much.

TIP #1:  Get Organized

I admit my home is a bit unorganized, however, my office desk is immaculate.  I try to keep the space where I’m working clean and organized.  It kind of sets a tone for the work I put forth.  You want to put your best foot forward when it comes to your work; having a messy desk creates distractions which leads to procrastination.

TIP #2:  Disconnect

Social media, television, and music is a beautiful thing, but it can also be your worst enemy when it comes to time management.  It’s always hard for me to totally disconnect from everything because music influence’s my creativity and background noise (like T.V) helps me stay focused.  So how can someone like me stay focused?  If I’m writing or creating I tend to put music together that complements the work I’m doing at a volume that doesn’t distract me.  If I’m at work I’m always binge watching something that I can just leave playing and kind of ignore and just surmise when I comeback to it.  If you are not like me then cut the distractions completely.  Turn off the phone and unplug (yes unplug) the TV.  Keep the music light, inspirational (vibes), and lower the volume.

TIP #3:  Effectively Procrastinate

On your time off do a webinar, watch YouTube videos, do a little research all on your related field of work.  Doing some light browsing and searching will really help you give yourself a boost and create a fresh mind for when you get back to work.  It may even inspire and push you to be more productive.  Remember to keep the browsing to minimum doing to much will defeat the purpose.

TIP #4:  Make a list

Before you start work make a full list of all the important tasks that need to get done that day.  Add fake-out deadlines to each item (see example below).

  • Create shipping labels for Fed-Ex – Due by 10 am
  • Pick up UPS package – Due by 11 am
  • Write an unnecessary email to the idiot in your office – Due by 2:30 pm

Now if your job is like mine you get a lot of people come to you with BS requests that need to be done ASAP (because paperwork is an emergency). If that’s you then having a daily list is absolutely necessary.  Crossing off the things you have completed will give you perspective of the things that still need to be done.  That way if someone comes to you with a ‘paperwork emergency’ you can tell them wait, I have to push this out by 10 am…so take several seats!  Keep in mind to limit these lists to about 7 to 10 items per day and make sure they are achievable (don’t over do it).

TIP #5:  Peer Pressure

Tell someone that you’re going to get a task done by a certain time that way the pressure is on!  You don’t want to disappoint that person and you’ll really want to hold up your word so your natural instincts to complete the task will take over.  Make sure you tell someone of importance, so that way if you make an excuse to back out you’ll feel like crap and it (hopefully) won’t happen again.

Procrastination is a tough thing to beat.  So just do it, no excuses!



2 thoughts on “How to Stop Procrastinating

  1. I am so proud of the woman you have become. Your words are so insightfull and very helpfull to a lot of people Keep teaching and reaching other people. I’m so proud.


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